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Preparing youth with the skills to succeed in today’s economy. EDUCATION

Educate! tackles youth unemployment by partnering with youth, schools, and governments to design and deliver education solutions that equip young people in Africa with the skills to attain further education, overcome gender inequities, start businesses, get jobs, and drive development in their communities.

Educate! is now the largest youth skills provider in East Africa.

By creating skills-based education and employment solutions that change what young people learn and how they learn it, Educate! is empowering youth across northern Uganda with the skills to realize their potential.

The training package includes enterprise selection, financial literacy and general business management. This business skills training program is aimed at equipping caregivers and youth to be enterprising and start up small business enterprises.

All trained caregivers groups have in turn been supported with start-up capital to start micro enterprises of their choice.

We have a long and proud history givin emphasis to environment social and economic outcomes rapid urbanisation, climate and change, inequality and resource stress.